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Amisha Patel's production office is a home-away-from-home

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Amisha Patel in Office
Amisha Patel in her Office

Amisha Patel's production house in Mumbai has a perfect comfortable environment where pleasure quotient is a concern and efficiency is an obvious result, writes Nimisha Tiwari.

Amisha Patel Production Amisha with David Dhawan

What can a guest expect from the workplace of one of the most beautiful production homeowners in India? Well, it's an easy think รข€” a well designed and comfortable area. And Amisha Patel's workplace absolutely will do the job. Located in a basic road in suburban Mumbai, the workplace is almost like a 'home-away-from-home.' There are well-lit sitting areas, complete kitchen, conference place, appropriately vented utility areas and then, of course, the boss's cottage, which has a sprinkle of light red. Says Amisha Patel, "Pink's my preferred color and so my cottage is an expansion of that color choice. But the rest of the workplace is customized according to other people's choices." Her company partner, Kuunal Goomer prefers solid colors and thus there's a mixture of timber and dark, which concept large scheme in his cottage. A conference space has comfortable dark set seats and a bamboo bedding conference table. And the entire area has a common feature of fragrant candlestick lights that are lit in the sides to provide a 'calming' effect.

Amisha with mom dad
  Amisha Patel Shooting


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