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Amisha Patel goes crazy about Shiamak Dawar !!

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Amisha Patel in Jungle

Choreographer Shiamak Dawar has discovered a new fan in celebrity Ameesha Patel. The woman is extremely stunned at Shiamak and his style of dance and calling him the “Pioneer of new dance types.”

"Shiamak (Davar)ji is a innovator of new dance types. Previously, dance uses to be common Bollywood, but it is Shiamak, who has gotten the contemporary dance types blended with filminess," said Ameesha at a meeting structured by Shiamak.

Ameesha who got a opportunity to execute with Shiamak at last year's Apsara Prizes is all crazy about the choreographer. Talking about his versatility Amisha Patel said, “He is the one who brought the acceptability that we can also do something different, can also contest with The show biz industry."

Shiamak’s trademark design is contemporary and his dance series from movies like Taal, Kisna, Bunty Aur Babli and Dil Toh Pagal are valued until time frame.

Sexy Amisha Patel

 Actually, Shiamak is known to be the first Native indian who presented and made popular contemporary jazz music and european types of dances in Native indian through his university SDIPA (Shiamak Davar Institution for the Doing Arts).

Going crazy about the dance expert, Ameesha said, "Year after season, Shiamakji enhances himself. He has excellent power, there is never any indication of exhaustion over his experience, no deficiency of passion. He keeps motivating."

For those who do not know, Neil too has been a student of Shiamak and does not thoughts doling out terms of admiration for the tale.

Ask Neil who he attributes for his dance abilities and pat comes the repky, “ I am able to dance because of this man and that is Shiamak Davar."  Did not you really love his moves in songs like "Aa Dekhen Zara" ?

Talking more about Shiamak’s features and his regards with his learners, 31-year-old Neil said, "There is a wonderful factor that he has probably trained his learners - keep a grin on your experience because that`s a bend range that places everything directly."


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