Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Amisha Patel and Zayed Khan in Desi Magic

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Zayed Khan and Amisha Patel, who will be Paired opposite each other in Amisha Patel Productions' first project Desi Magic, are thrilled with the fresh paring of them together along with Saahil Shroff as well.

The three are looking awesome, younger and fresh together, which will be one of the exceptional factors of the movie. Since nowadays the audiences wants to see fresh and new combinations on screen as it has become a pattern of varieties, the three of them arriving together for initially will absolutely make buzz for the movie.

Zayed being the main personality in the movie will carry a lot of changes and changes that will take the movie to a very interesting stage. 

Ameesha and her company associate Kuunal Goomer think that with less then two several weeks to go on surfaces, Zayed's designer Shahid Amir is working very hard to make a new fresh look for the acting professional, while Manish Malhotra is already working on Ameesha's dual role-look in the movie.

Ameesha feels Zayed is not just excellent looking and an fantastic person but also a normally fashionable acting professional, who just needs the appropriate part that justifies his wonderful personality. The celebrity seems Zayed's part in Desi Magic will actually display a different part to his performance.  


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