Monday, 12 August 2013

A Big "NO" to Reality Show, says Amisha Patel

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"Even if I was seated idle, twiddling my thumbs, I won't do a reality show," says Amisha Patel.

Amisha Patel is enraged after it was revealed that she has been regarded as one of the participants for Bigg Boss 7. The celebrity seems upset as most of the participants on the display are either out of perform, are excellent with blinking their personal lifestyle on TV or are expecting to revive their diminishing profession. Amisha declares she is not eager for achieve any of these.

She makes clear, "Idle, disappointed individuals who have nothing better to do, begin these speculation. I am active until Nov end with my home production, recommendations and a movie with Sunny Deol. Those who have no work do it. Besides, I am not a reality show person. Even if I were seated idle, twiddling my thumbs, I won't do it. I am a private individual. I am not the type to get wedded on display etc. Even if someone provide me 100 crore to display to the globe how I eat, rest or sweep my tooth, I won't do it!"

When we point out that the show definitely assisted her sibling Ashmit obtain advertising and also raised from the dead celebrity Shilpa Shetty's profession to a certain level, Amisha asks to vary.

"Brother and sis don't have to think as well. As far as Shilpa is involved, it (Big Brother) didn't help her get any movie, so it didn't revive her profession per se. She met the really like of her lifestyle publish that and I am satisfied for her. I am not looking for love or profession."

It was also claimed that Salman Khan may help Ameesha get into the Bigg Boss house. The celebrity indicates, "I haven't dropped the show because I wasn't provided the show in the first position. I will only appear on TV if I get to do something decent like Bachchan sahab. I won't do foolish reveals where I am requested to judge the participants. I can't judge anyone."


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